PC Optimization & Repair

Virus/Spyware Diagnostics And Remediation (basic and advance services)

PC Setup & Networking

Hardware addition to current network, in home networking consultation, Complete home network installation. etc..

Software & Hardware Issues

Operating System Install, Complete Home Network Installation (Wired or Wireless Network), Network

Data Backup/Recovery Services

Diagnostics and Repair, Router Security Setup, ISP Diagnostics/Troubleshooting etc..

Welcome To PC Elements

Welcome to PC Elements. We have over 20 years experience in computer repair, upgrading, networking, troubleshooting, hardware and software installation. We build custom computers to suit any clients needs. We also perform data backup and recovery, maintenance, antivirus and spyware removal.

We make recommendations on which products/components to buy whether its motherboards, CPU's, Memory, Printers, Scanners, Digital Cameras or Software.

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